Saturday, September 11, 2010

Whisper Quote Time!

I realized that I was supposed to post a quote this past evening, but I was caught up in the throes of passion, you see, and therefore distracted. TMI, you say? Nah. Actually, I was hosting a Passions party, and now that the fun is o're, it's time for the first of several quotes that I'll be releasing from Whisper of Light before its release at the end of October. One per weekend, remember? Now, these are completely out of context and chronology, but that's on purpose! Here we go...

"I barely looked at Christian before ducking out of the kitchen, comforted only by the dawning knowledge that, should my dignity be lost forever, I could always just drown myself in the ocean." - Whisper of Light

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Anya said...

Aaaw Jenn I really love your blog posts lately! So much awesome stuff..keep it up! LOVE the quote!! It should be longer though lol. I just want to keep reading! End of October is still too far away for my taste lol.
Soo excited for the next quotes

-Your number one hardcorest William fan (LOL okay I don't know if I'm the only one but I'd like to claim that title for myself haha)