Friday, September 3, 2010

What kind of hero do YOU go for? Let's compare...

I was watching another True Blood episode tonight (I have a serious love of that show), and it led me to think about male hero types in all of their variations and characteristics. It's a fun topic, because, come on, who doesn't like thinking about sexy leading men. And it seemed like it would be a fun blog post to discuss with you, as well. So here's what I've been thinking.

It seems to me that there are three kinds of heroes--and it'll be my pleasure to list my favorites from each arena. Let me know who YOUR faves are:

The traditional, protective type.

Edward and Jacob (The Twilight Series) Bill Compton (S. Vampire Series)

This seems to be the more common theme among heroes, right? A bit possessive, but usually more out of protectiveness than a sense of ownership, these guys get out hearts all a flutter with their masculine wiles. All that testosterone, running to our rescue at the perfect moment, and those silly shows of jealousy that make a girl feel special and wanted... they are common traits of this type of guy. And while some may try to deny it, I think we all like to feel swooped up and carried away once in a while, right? It's nice to be protected, to feel shielded. But what of the more laid back heroes?

The misunderstood/unexpected hero

Hm. Okay, I have an affinity for these men, but they aren't easily found in literature. There are a few, though...

William Maddox (Seers of Light) Mr. Darcy (Pride and Prejudice)

Ok, I had to add William Maddox, whether he's in my book or not, just because he fit the bill so well. These kinds of love interests keep me the most engrossed. When you don't see it coming, when you think you know the character of this person but it turns out that he's just misunderstood, that you've seen him wrong all just seems to make things even more exciting, even more intense and emotional for me. What do you think?

The Reluctant Bad Boy

Eric Northman (S. Vampire Series) Spike (Buffy)

Both of the above gentleman have a very dark side, in spite of their attempts at good. You WANT to trust them, they are hot as all hell, but... something tells you that you miiiight just want to watch your back, no matter how badly they want to shag you.

Who else? I'm missing TONS, and I love this topic! LOL. Show me your pics/picks and let's discuss the whos and the whys.



Hepaestus said...

mMph. I swooned a bit at the Spike photo. Something about him, I just love it. I am definitely an anti-hero sort of girl.

But you are right, the Bad Boy is great for a bit, but when it's time for Real Relationship,'s probably best for you both to go looking elsewhere. Although Spike turned into the reluctant hero, didn't he? All for the love of a woman...SIGH. (snicker)

But UGH Mr. Darcy: yes please! And I always loved Han Solo in that way, too. He was always like, "Oh man I want to be a badass but I am really a softie...fine I will save the universe, but only because there are people I love in it." I think it's adorable when men are all gruff and then they melt. Silly men. They are just so cute sometimes.

Tracitalynne said...

*snicker* Oops! I was logged in as my own special anti-hero husband. Haha! My Man loves him some Mr. Darcy! heee.

Jen said...

LMAO! I just about died laughing when I thought that he was writing all that. I would have seriously given him the best guy commenter in the world award if that was the case. Oh my stars. How funny. And I agree about Mr. Darcy. Nothing's better than realizing that your attraction to someone you're supposed to hate is actually ok! lol

Francine said...


Romantic Hero: he's got to be a cool dude, knows what he wants and how to get it, tough outer shell but a soft vulnerable centre that rarely shows itself until emotions are running high and he's forced to make a life-changing decision.

Anti hero/ine: love these because I can let my wicked side run riot, and you can bet one of these characters is trouble (big trouble), particularly a anti hero! I tend to make these guys irresistable and dangerous with it in a sexualsense, the anti heroines vindictive. ;)


Jennifer Lane said...

Hi Jen! Interesting post. Being a fan of strong women who can take care of themselves, I have one word for the Protective Hero . . . STALKER. ;) Sure, we gals like to be taken care of, but I can't stand when men make decisions for women, thinking they know what's in their best interest. *cough* Edward Cullen *cough* I prefer the women to have sovereignty over their own lives.

One hero that I love is the vulnerable, wounded man who through the course of the story recognizes his own strength, and heals from pain. I like him when he's super intelligent too. I'm thinking of Michael Scofield from Prison Break (and the delicious Wentworth Miller who played him).

Jen said...

Francine, the tough guy gone soft is always endearing. And sometimes I find myself having a hard time deciding whether a hero is reluctant or misunderstood. It's a pretty iffy line, sometimes.

Antiheroes can be lots of fun, too! Everybody loves a villain.

Jen said...

Jennifer... I tend to agree with you WHOLEHEARTEDLY. LOL. It's kind of the goal of my life, to create characters with purpose, who come to understand their power. I'll always write a protagonist who is either already strong in and of her/himself (albeit flawed), or on their way to becoming so after enduring some things. This is also why I love the unexpected/misunderstood hero category best, as well. I don't know if you've read Seers of Light or not, but, the main female very much ends up being the hero of the story throughout. No saving required. So glad you feel the same way! I love a class of women who can save themselves.

Jennifer Lane said...

Seers of Light is on my to-read list, chica! I loved the first chapter that I read on

Anonymous said...

The misunderstood type but preferably, I like'd to have all the types together!

Anya said...

Jenn I love your blog posts! :)

I like the unexpected/misunderstood tyle best too and no not just because of William, if you thought that and I know you did hahahah.
It's just that the overly protective type always makes the girl seem like a damsel in distress and makes decisions for her to "protect" her but ends up hurting her even worse...he won't let her find her inner strength because she won't have to fight you know? How can somebody learn to protect themselves, to be strong when there's always somebody doing it for you?

The bad boy sure is fun and first..but as you said..when you feel like you just can't trust him..there can't be a real relationship...of course it makes the story interesting...always guessing when something happens of the hero really loves you or is he secretly has some other plans etc..but honeslty? These kind of relationships aren't healthy. And I don't know why we are so drawn to them..I like them too! But in real life..who would date someone like that?

So the unexpected, misunderstood is my favorite type...he seems like a "bad boy" or assgole in the beginning too..but when the misunderstanding clears you know that he really loves you but even then he won't make you feel "inferior" because he is so wonderful and beautiful! How many times did Bella tell herself that she wasn't good enought for Edward? Because he was so frickin perfect! The misunderstood, unexpected type..I'm talking my William now *swoon* lol makes you stronger because he lets you discover your own strength :)


Julie Musil said...

MR. DARCY, MR. DARCY, MR. DARCY! Love him, can you tell?

Jen said...

Eeleenlee, a little of all of them...hmmm. Somebody's being greedy.


Jen said...

Anya, sweetie, are wise beyond your years. And yeah, I'll just admit that I was a little freaked, at first, that women would not be drawn enough to William Maddox because he doesn't do the expected hero thing. He doesn't act all "you're mine" - ish, he doesn't constantly try to save her from the things that she needs to figure out and battle for herself. I agree with, and am impressed by your response, darling! You've got a good head on those shoulders.


Jen said...


What I love most about Darcy is that he is flawed! He is good... but he's flawed. And both he and Elizabeth see the error in their thinking eventually. We can all be Darcy and Elizabeth. It's miraculously relatable considering the time period in which it was written. Go Jane Austin!

Anya said...

Aw Jenn thank you that means a lot to me :)
And please! I couldn't imagine not loving William! He is still bad ass! :D All these things he does make him perfect in my opinion. I think Seers of Light is a book for people who really want to think about the story and the relationships you know? People who want to SEE. The beauty of pure, true love and the beauty of a hero such as William is...okay I'm gonna stop being so cheesy know lol. But still..I'm soo jealous of Lily! lol

Jen said...


If they do anything, I want people to be left thinking after they read a book. It's supposed to alter you, you know? It's supposed to expand the horizon of your mind, cause you to reconsider everything you thought you knew, and leave you pining to make your own life into something even more amazing. And William is definitely bad ass (ok, I think maybe SMART-ass is the appropriate term here, lol.)

Anya said...

Lol you're is more like it ;)
But your book does least it did for me and I REALLY cannot wait for the others in the series! :)