Sunday, September 19, 2010

Virtual Tea and Comfort Reading

This evening I'm feeling the need to comfort myself. Ever get that way? You just want to snuggle under your covers with a good book and hide? That's how I feel right now. My nesting instincts have gone crazy in the last few months... the last several weeks, even more so. Plus, little old me went and broke a toe or two this weekend, so, I'm not pushing things with the moving around business.

I've got a pot of water on to boil as I type, and I'm waiting for it to whistle. Christmas tea... that's what I chose. Maybe I'm rushing things, but, It'll taste like a gingerbread cookie, and that sounds about right.

My comfort reading of choice, lately, has been the Southern Vampire Series. There's just something about Charlaine Harris' writing that puts me at ease, even if Sookie is always getting into life and death scraps. I think it's all that talk of bacon and cheese and domestic tasks like shopping at Walmart and doing laundry that appeals to me most. Kind of odd, huh? I mean, we're supposed to turn to books for escape, but, at this stage in my life, I'm turning to them for common, everyday assurance. Probably has something to do with the hard life changes I'm having to content with, and if my mind and heart wants tea and books, by damn it, I'm giving them tea and books. Along with lots of pillows and bedtime reading. Self-care, it's called, and it's about time I started practicing it.

What do you do to take care of yourself? Walking? (Which I seriously need to start doing again, since the weather is cooling down.) Working out? Cooking? Long baths with soothing music? Meditation? What brings you balance and comfort? I'm interested in knowing.

Ah, and there goes my kettle...

Note to self: flavored creamer in hot tea = very much yes.

I'm willing to bet that you all have a list of books to read that is longer than the continental U.S. Well, same here. And I've been feeling kind of guilty, lately, because of the supposed "heavier" books that I should be reading--those self-help, mind-altering or otherwise enlightening guru stories of non-fiction that all those "intellectual" people read. I would typically be more prone to read that stuff as a source of life inspiration, but, do you know how I feel about those writings, presently?


Sigh, lol. Honestly, you know what you need. And I've got a blessed list of wonderful, adventurous, steamy, fun, comforting fiction novels that I'm feeling much more prone to indulge in nowadays, largely consisting of all the newly published novels by some of the most wonderful people I know.

So, I'm going to head to bed with my hot mug of tea and my Sookie book, and wish you all the warmest, snuggliest, most restful night of sleep imaginable.

OH, and as a bookish contest side note, I'm going to just leave the Giveaway post link at the bottom of my entries until it's over so that you can access said post easily and leave your entry comments, if you haven't already. HERE YA GO.

Looks like we're up to 50 entries and climbing.

You own my heart,

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Steelers 4 Life!! said...

There are several things that bring balance to my life. First of all, my wonderful girlfriend Joleen.She is my complete opposite in almost every way(different movies, different books, different baseball teams), yet we both agree if we were the same, we would make for a boring couple,lol.

Second is my writing. It is my constant companion and my perfect mate. It's there when I need it, it heals me, and makes me whole. Plus, I love to try out different things;keeps the boredom beasts away.

As far as my 'comfort' novels go, I have to say(plugs ears as I await the laughter) the Star Trek and Star Wars novels I have read or have yet to read are pure literary junk food. So unhealthy for your mind, but so good to view,lol. Other than that, I'm currently reading some works of H.P. Lovecraft which in the literary food pyramid is a grain item, a staple of my horror lit diet!