Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fun Whisper of Light Stuff/teaser announcement

So, because you all are the light of my life and the apples of my eyes (yes, both eyes), I really wanted to start sharing some Light Series sequel goodness with you on a weekly basis until the second book's release at the end of October. (Only about 7 more weeks of teasers to go!) I'm so excited, and so emotional, and so nervous, but all in a good way. Here's the scoop:

Whisper quote Weekends. Every Saturday I'll post a small excerpt or quote from Whisper of Light right here on my blog (beginning with this Saturday).

But, for tonight, I wanted to release a novel location with some pictures just to get you in the mood. Whisper of Light largely takes place in the Eureka, California area (the Redwood Coast). See below:

Anybody out there from Northern California/Eureka/Redwood Coast area? This one's for you!

By the way, I got some swag for Seers of Light in the mail today! One of the items was a Seers wall calender that includes a quote from the book for every month. This is just one of the prizes I'll be giving away in the next couple of months, so stay tuned!

Kay. I'm out like a light.



Jessica said...

I want I want I want! I mean...*composes self* I would love to win that when the time comes :). I'm so excited for Whisper of Light!

MWAH to Jen!

Jen said...

LOL. Aw, Jess. You sweet girl. *kisshugs*

Lisa said...

OMG! YAY! I WANT THAT CALENDAR! Who do I have to wrestle to win it?

Jen said...

Lisa, after writing Whisper, I love California, too!!! And I love wall calendars! lol. Hopefully no one will be injured in the prize-giving process. LOL.


Shirley Wells said...

I adore those pictures and the wall calendar. LOL, I can see things getting violent round here. :)

Anya said...

Wow the pictures are BEAUTIFUL! I am soo excited for Whisper of Light..and dude..what's up with those trees? I've never seen such big trunks! Wow..lovely! lol

And the wall calender looks awesome!! I hope you'll make the contest international ;)


Jen said...

Shirley, LOL! No violence on mah blog! And just so you know, that calendar is just one item I'll be giving away. ;)

Anya, those tress are redwoods, some of the biggest in the world--ancient giants that are often thousands of years old. They're precious pieces of our natural history here in the US, and they can only be found in certain areas of the Northwest. They're also very protected, for good reason.

And yes, the swag giveaways WILL be international. :)

Tracitalynne said...

Ooooooohhhh. My cousins and I spent a week in Eureka. It was AWESOME. We hiked to the beach, and on the way back, I was all, "Hey do you guys smell horses?" and they said, "No, you are crazy." And then we turned a corner in the path and there were 4 RIGHT! THERE!
Which was a bit scary but we were not gored to death so it was awesome. Also I get to say "I told you so" from now on until forever with my phenomenal Animal Smelling Power.

Also I will totally arm wrestle someone for that calendar. That is the contest, right?

Anya said... okay lol...they really look awesome:)
And yaay thanks for making the contest international :)