Sunday, August 29, 2010

By Request... A Maddox Post

Well now. It seems I can't get away with posting a male character feature without giving some stage time to William Maddox--or so I discovered from your tweets and comments after my Christian feature last night. Therefore, if it's a William feature you want, it's a William feature you shall have, my pets.

Anyway, before I start the ramblings, let's share a visual. The below image is one I searched for and searched for. I almost gave up, because no matter what I found over the months, nothing stopped me in my tracks and said, "WILLIAM MADDOX." That is, until I found this:

Note smirk of smart-assedry...

A few scene snippets/quotes:

"You really ought to mind that potty mouth of yours, Lily," (William) teased. "It is uncharacteristic of a Sentient."

"Yeah, well, I'm a beginner."

"Excuses, excuses."

"Can we get to the point, please?"

"No problem. The point is you weren't paying attention."

"I was, too! I looked for you! I mean, you didn’t even make a sound!"

"And what did you expect?” he laughed. “You know, looking and listening are great tactics for human detection, but they won’t help you here. Your adversary isn’t going to wave and call your name before an ambush. Use your senses, Lily."

Oh! He was just infuriating! "And do you care to explain how the hell this is done?”

“Just trust yourself. It’s in you to know this stuff.”

“Ugh, please, Mr. Miyagi, spare me the wax on, wax off."

"Must you always be so unpleasant?"

"No. Not always,” I clarified. “Just with you."

"Clearly," he said.


Christian sat down at the end of the table and grabbed a loose section of newspaper, sorting through as he chewed on a piece of toast.

“Has anyone seen the crosswords?” he said.

I eyed William nervously as he flipped the nearly finished puzzle over to face Christian. “You should start waking up earlier,” he said.

Christian’s face went sour. “You should start sleeping in.”

William looked at his watch. “Or you could buy an alarm clock.”

I concentrated ardently on my glass of water.

“Piss off, Maddox,” Christian said.


"You’ve been protected for too long. You’ve forgotten yourself.”

"You can throw me across the forest but you can't open a lid?"

Aaaah, William. The bugger grew on me to the point where he kind of took over the story. I always tell people I didn't plan it, I didn't know what his involvement level would be in the beginning, but I figured it out quick enough. The third book in the Light Series will take it back to Lily/William, just so you know. I'm working on that, presently.

Here's a few things you may not know about William. (For a more in-depth exam of his life and character, you'll have to keep a look out for book three!):

William Maddox:
~Has a velvety singing voice.
~Loves Van Morrison and James Taylor.
~Attracts children and small animals.
~Prefers the color green.
~Reads a lot of historical fiction.
~Is ambidextrous.
~Dislikes television with a passion.
~Has a keen eye for art.
~Can scratch any itch on your body with his mind.

As usual, if you have any question, go ahead and tweet me or post them here. I'll do my best to answer.

***Addition: One of my favorite readers, Lisa, reminded me, "I did notice that you left out the best thing William can do with his mind *FAINTS*"

HAH. Well, there's no summing that up in a blog entry! *smirks*

Hope that was enough for now! *HUGS*


Lisa said...

THANK YOU for the William post. I did notice that you left out the best thing William can do with his mind *FAINTS*

Jen said...

Right... well... can't spoil those who haven't read, right? Hmmm *appends with added teaser*

Tracitalynne said...

mmmm...I like what he can do with his mind...and all the other parts of him, too. <3

I seriously gasped out loud when I saw the picture. **growl**

niceKittyRAWR said...

I haven't finished Seers yet but I am so in love with Maddox and want more more more of him. Your vision of him is just too yummy.

Jen said...

Good to hear, Kitty! Thanks for the comment! xoxo

Jen said...

Traci, have I really never shown you that picture? Huh.

katsrus said...

Love that picture. Yummy. Wonderful post.
Sue B

Jessica said...

Mmmmm.....*drools* I'd like that to be wrapped up to go please! Hehehe.

Missie said...

This is a perfect feature on William! Now I have something else to look at when I'm missing him besides the one I did! LOL!

And yes, I love that William gives us a whole other reason to love his mind! ;)

Jen said...

Sue, my pleasure, believe me. Jessica, have him back in time for book three. And Missie, glad I can aid in your Maddox needs.

Anya said...

YAAY THANK YOU JEN!!! I LOVE this post! And the picture of William..goodness! LOVE! LOVE that smirk lol...aah I am so in LOVE with that guy! I've been rereading Seers three times the past week!! I wish the third book would already be here! Damn you and your genuis mind for creating such a characters lol....
Do you have anyone in mind for Lily? I'd love to see a post about her too *cough cough* haha


Jen said...


It's my sincere desire that book two will take away your need for book three! LOL. I believe that once you get to know CHristian better (through another pair of eyes) that you'll appreciate him just as much.

As far as Lily goes... well, you've given me another assignment! (And this one will be more challenging, because finding the visual for her character still proves to be difficult.) We'll see what happens!

Anya said...

LOL all right..I'm excited to read about Christian too..I mean I like him too..but I LOVE William..and I don't think anything even Whisper of Light could take that away:P but still I'm excited to read about Christian too..I would just love to know how the f*ck you came up with William lol..I love to hear authors talk about that...well whenever you have time or feel like it..also the character thing with Lily..maybe I'll find a Lily too :)

Jen said...

You know, I'll be honest with you... you aren't alone in your William zealotry. I'm a William enthusiast myself. Can't even help it. I wrote him, but he was pulling the strings the whole time. I'll have to write a part two post about that. There are still some things I've left out.

Anya said...

YES AWESOME!! I'm checkin the post out right now! YOu are amazing! :)

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