Saturday, May 22, 2010

Cold Pizza and Updates

Goooood morning! I am come to bring news of which brings great benefit to country of Blogzakistan.

In other words, after being MIA, it's time to catch you guys up on some things. First of all, have I mentioned how much I love bloggers? Because I just plain do. You guys are so. freaking. cool. And to think I'd missed out on the wonder that is the blogger for so long.

On that note, the BadAss Bookie's Book Blog asked me to write a guest post for their first Author Weekend. If you'd like to know why I'm so into paranormal writing, give her a follow, eh? *eye batts... blatant flirtage* <3

Okay, secondly, the reason I've been so very MIA is because of book two. I learned, just recently, that I'd need to have it ready for formal editing by June 15th in order to meet a fall release. SO... I've been powering through it with as much intensity and inspiration as possible, and my Lord in heaven, have I mentioned that it's far more angstful than the first book? Yes, well, it is! LOL. So be warned. Of course, in my opinion, it's also a bit more passionate, in its own way, but, we'll see what the world thinks.

So, I'm going off to eat cold pizza for breakfast (YUM), and then it's back to writing for a bit until a reporter from a Swedish national newspaper calls me for an interview. Of all things, right? Cool stuff.

Anyway, talk to you soon!


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Book Crazy Jenn said...

Well, I have to say I have missed your posting, but then again - if it means we get the next book sooner - I am ALL for your being away! :D You know me! :)

((HUGS)) I hope it's going well, I cant wait!