Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I am floppy this morning. I have no espresso, and therefore, am in desperate need of jokes. Anyone know any really good jokes?

My brain feels like a fuzz ball that's been dropped in a bucket of acid, plucked out, tossed in the mud, stomped upon by zombies, dragged into the swamps, eaten by a snake, shat out into the muck, carried off by a bird and woven into a nest. Then, said nest is filled with eggs and baby birdlings and pooped upon and left to dry and freeze in the bare, gnarled limbs of winter.

Sigh. In other words... I hate being frugal and not buying iced coffee.

Words hard. Be back later when I remember how to eloquently do the talking. Right.



Rose said...

Here's a joke for you! What do vegetarian zombies moan as they shuffle along?



Jen said...

Ahahahahaaa!! Ok, that was one I had to forward along to other people, because LMAO! LOVED. Thank you, sweetness.


Rose said...

Anytime Jen! I work with kids so I have a million of 'em :). You let me know!