Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday is Delicious. So are You. Want some updates?

So, I work for the University of Missouri *PROPS TO MIZZOU!*, and yesterday they held a "Celebrating Campus Authors" event at the campus book store. I attended, and was among the authors showcased. I have to say, I think it's a fantastic idea to hold an event like this every year. I'm pleased that they do it, even if I did feel a little odd standing among mainly non-fiction writers. Most of the published were PhD's who had written autobiographies or books about things like the psychological and physiological impact of tribal mating customs on the people of (fill in the blank with super complex name of rain-foresty village here). However, in spite of my very stand-outish genre, the organizer for the store event was an absolute doll. She was welcoming and seemed authentically supportive of both stocking and reading the book! I liked her a lot. *nods* She had genuine, kind energy. In fact, I just plain like the organizers of the whole thing. They were very cool.

Random note, while I'm thinking about it, I tasted Pepsi Throw Back today, and holy fire-cracker! I could entirely tell the difference between the old and modern versions. In fact, I have to say, I'm not sure I like the old version better. Honestly. Not that I drink regular soda often, but I noted that Throw Back seemed just a tad bit more... enamel killing.

Anyhoo, back on topic, but still a random note. I was Goodreads chatting with Jennifer Murgia (author of Angel Star), since we both share a name and also the trait of being higly cute *GRIN*, and I have to say that she's a sweetheart! Please to be buying her book. :)

Back to business. What the heck was I going to talk about? OH, YEAH! The Seers sequel! I'm going to start working on it again this weekend. I'm actually quite looking forward to it. AND, I'm looking forward to composing even more music for this book, since I didn't really get to do much for book one. (That may change. I think Abram and William need songs, for some reason.) It's not quite fair that only Lily got a song.

Lastly, on the subject of music (or musicians, more appropriately), I miss my Kara Kulpa! My wonderful, crazy, genius, beautiful friend moved to Cambridge, Mass this past weekend, and they are darned lucky to have her! If you live in the Boston area and hear of Kara Kulpa playing any shows, please to be checking her out. She's all heart and spunk, that one.

Okay. I'm sure I could just ramble on for ages (especially with all that Pepsi in my system!), but I'll quit while I'm ahead.

Love you guys. *many many hugs*

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Book Crazy Jenn said...

SOO excited to hear your going to be working on Seer's the sequal - and OMG Angel Star soo good, I loved that book I hope you enjoy it too, I hope so! :) You two have the 2 top awarded books on my blog in a while! :) LOVED!!!