Saturday, March 27, 2010

Seers of Light Party Update

Well, now. Last night was just about as wonderful as it could get. My book release/signing party took place at Riechmann Pavilion at Stephen's Park Lake in Columbia, Missouri. I have to thank all the folks that came out to support me and the book. Not sure you can imagine how much that meant to me, but believe me when I say that it was a joy to be with you.

We (being my bff and I) got to Riechmann Indoor Pavilion around 4pm to start setting up.
There we met up with my dear friend Karla, caterer extraordinaire.

Karla cooked her cute little fanny off, making artichoke pesto crustini, sun-dried-tomato/goat cheese profiteroles and bruschetta, along with a heavenly punch. And if that wasn't enough, she set up a sound system for the evening's events.

We snapped some pictures before anyone came:

Then, my friend Kara, not to be mistaken for Karla, and I rehearsed some music. The songs I chose were from the Seers of Light playlist. Kara is a mind-blowing musician. With her accompaniment, I sang the following:

Light of the Light, by Kris Delmhorst:

Nothing I Can Do, by Ben Taylor:

And Say, by John Mayer:

Between songs, I read some excerpts from the book. One of them included a bit about worry stones, which I gave to my attendees at the end of the night.

A few random pics:

Exclusive tidbit: An interesting secretish point that I forgot to mention to the party guests was the reason for the jasmine sticks that fragranced their table centerpieces. So, for my Seers readers out there, I'll remind you that the smell of Jasmine has significance to Lily, though she can't tell why. The reason for this is that her mother wore that scent when Lily was a baby.

Several folks were taking pictures last night, so if I get any more, I'll post them.

Hope to see you in your neck of the woods soon!


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