Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Evenin' there, angel faces.

It's supposed to be a fabulous weekend in the fifties and totally walkable. That means a trip to the trails. That's right, babies. Jen's goin' walking!!! Woohoo!! Spring will soon be sprung. Now, listen here snow, don't you dare jinx my bliss and pull some sudden snowfall crud or so help me, I'ma pull out my hairdryer and melt you till you cry.

Granted, there's nothing on the trees yet, but I'll simply will them to sprout leaves as I pass. I'm sure this will work, since trees and I, we're tight. *nods*

A friend of mine sent me some Joe Joe's cookies from Trader Joe's in the mail today since I've never been to a TJ's, nor have I ever had a Joe Joe. MAN have I ever been missing out. Minty, creamy, chocolaty goodness. I'd share but you know... no I wouldn't. *smirk*

I grew up in Northeast Pennsylvania (live in Missouri now), and the winters were always super long there. Spring took its ever-loving time to arrive. Here in Missouri it tends to come a little quicker... and the warm season lasts a long time. I'm counting on a nice warm March *knocks on fated wood*, especially for the book signing party on the 26th. By the way, if any of you are from the Midwest and you'd like to come to the Seers of Light party, please do! There will be grub and music and fun. Plus, then I get to hug you guys, and I really like hugging people. Drop me an email if you're interested!

Hope you're all having a wonderful wonderful week.

Much love,

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Tracitalynne said...

Oh Trader Joe's is the best! They have a ginger snap version of the Joe Joes, too. Yum. When you do your world book tour and stop here in Western Mass. (Sleepover Party! Wooo!) you can stock up on TJ goodness.

Spring is doing this weird "hey it's 45 degrees, Hey now it's snowing!" thing here, too. Haven't tried threatening the weather yet, so maybe I will today.