Sunday, January 31, 2010

In Dreams

I don't know that I often have what I would call premonitionary dreams. But last night, I believe I did, and I need to get it in writing before I forget.

There was a man with his little girl, and he'd been trying to hide her from the world. The little girl was looking out over the horizon, while her father relaxed, facing the other direction. And in the course of a conversation with her, father told daughter that there wasn't anything he couldn't handle.

She seemed genuinely amused by this, and responded, "Is that so? I think there are a few things you're not ready for." And though the man insisted otherwise, the little girl watched as the horizon began to sparkle... and that's when I (your terrified dreamer) noticed a mounting body of water, growing and swelling and traveling right toward us, even as he insisted that he was totally in control. Little girl and I knew what was coming, but half-asleep dad? Not so much. In fact, oblivious-man didn't notice this monstrosity until the moment it was overhead, and really--when something like that occurs, it's just a matter of holding your breath and accepting the inevitable.

The wave did as tidal waves do, tumbling over and overtaking everything in sight, and unable to watch, I closed my eyes! When I dared to open them, I saw that the man was in the mouth of a shark, but the shark was skyrocketing him upward through the water for what seemed like stories and stories until he finally shot through the surface and washed ashore, at which point he was unconscious, but alive... and a completely different person. His nationality, even his age had changed.

So, I'm was talking to my best friend, Ally, this morning, telling her all about the dream and trying to figure out what in the heck it all means. And usually I'm good at deciphering these things for someone else, but sometimes a message is too close to home to be obvious, too close to really see the forest for the trees (or the wave for the ocean, for that matter.) Anyway, though I could gather that a wave was coming, a big scary thing, the rest I was trying too hard to decipher. That's when Ally said, "maybe you were the little girl. Maybe you just need to go with the flow and see where it takes you." Maybe the father was right all along. Perhaps I CAN handle anything. But...


Wait... I'm supposed to let go of the outcome?? NOOOO!!!!!!


That dream was probably a wake up call for me in two ways, I think. For one, it served as a heads up, and for another, a message of, "But you can't do anything about it, so, surprise!"

I don't know what's going to happen with my novel or music or any other aspect of my life. I don't know what the heck I'm in for. But, I'm hoping that, should the horizon start to sparkle and swell with some intimidating wave of potential, I can accept what comes at me with grace and faith.


Steelers 4 Life!! said...

I smell dream sequence in your next written tale!!!

Jen said...

There are several in my current one! :-D

Tracitalynne said...

Two things:

1. I have tsunami type dreams whenever I am stressed. They are unpleasant!

2. If you are going on a book tour, The Odessey in S Hadley, MA is a great place for readings. (ahem.)

Jen said...

Hahaha. Is that right? Well, not only can I not resist a New England state, but I can't resist such subtle charm. ;) I'll have to look into the place when I'm in that area! xoxo