Thursday, September 23, 2021

Running Around with Hobbits

I first read The Hobbit as part of a required school reading list back when I was in junior high. I remember being so into the book and loving it so much that I always considered it one of my favorite novels, even though I had not read it again since. 

This week I decided to listen to The Hobbit on audiobook. I'd gotten it as a free download last summer for my road trip out east but never got around to it. I've got a long commute to and from work now, so I decided to have at it. 

After a handful of days I finished it, and being an adult and having the ability to grasp complexities and references far better than when I was a 12 year old, I discovered that I adore it even more now than I ever did.

I had never read any more of Tolkien's work, only seen and loved the Lord of the Rings movie series. But after reacquainting myself with the book version of The Hobbit, I was chomping at the bit to jump back into that universe. So I went ahead and located an official e-book version of Fellowship of the Ring that's actually uploaded to YouTube and recorded by Tolkein's own family.  

The books are super expensive as audiobooks on Audible, so I was thrilled to find this version. I just plug my phone in when I start the car, pull up the audio on YouTube and my Bluetooth speakers take it from there. 

Anyway, what a fabulous escape and inspiration. I'm so glad I decided to take Tolkien's worlds back up again to explore as an adult. They are wonderful indeed.

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