Editorial Services and Consultation

- Over 10 years of editing experience.
- Knowledge of the publishing world, including personal experience as an author.
- Fair, negotiable rates.
I realize the market is saturated with good editors. Many are strictly freelance without the benefit of having worked in the publishing world as an author, as well. I am lucky enough to have expert knowledge in both veins and can offer references if desired. I also guarantee the fairest rate possible and understand that times are tough, so I will work with writers within their budgetary needs.
About me: I work as a Senior Editor for a publishing company and have for several years. I'm a freelance editor and I am also a three times published author (Simon and Schuster). I understand the intricacies of small and large scale editing for publication. I offer developmental edits, copy edits, and overall novel assessments/advising. No matter the size of your project, whether developmental, copy or consultation, I am happy to consider.
Please email me to discuss your project: @delucyedits@gmail.com. I'm excited to work with you!
Jennifer DeLucy

Words of praise from a few author clients:

"The girl is a genius. In addition, she is possessed of a loving, gentle, open and accommodating nature that makes her a delight to work with. I won't be surprised by Jen again." - Linda Cunningham, author. (See Linda on the Craig Ferguson Show

"She was able to see possibilities for my characters that I wouldn't have been able to see for myself, and I appreciate that she didn't hold back in her suggestions." - Nicki Elson, author.

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