Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Fully Present or Future Dwelling?

So they say the best way to bring about the things we want in life is to turn from the past, plan for the future but live fully in the present. That's a hefty combination! Somehow believing in your future dreams while not constantly dweling on them, keeping firmly present and using the most of every current moment, and refusing to get dragged back by painful memories is a tough learned recipe! It's like a set of muscles you constantly have to keep mindfully working. I'm trying!! Is hard though. They say some cognitive dissonance is actually good for productivity because we want to be striving to match our present moment with the emotions of future Joy, but there has to be balance. I think I grew up in a constant state of cognitive dissonance where I lived in the future and was completely disassociated from the present. It was a survival mechanism. Changing those habits takes work, man! But you have to do it, otherwise you get so caught up in your current dissatisfaction that you end up sabotaging yourself and not doing the things you need to do now to get where you want to be later. Does that make sense? Anyway. Working on being productively present.

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