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Thursday, October 3, 2013


Sometimes, people need a little more valid convincing than just "VOTE FOR BLAH with BIG LETTERZZZZZ!" I get that. I respect it. And so, out of appreciation for those people who want to know WHY they ought to bother voting for William Maddox in this Smackdown thing I just keep yaaaammering oooon about, how about if I offer you something better than a plea? How 'bout some decide-for-yourself evidence? Some entertainment?

A very, VERY exclusive prequel told from the point-of-view of William was released just as my last book was coming out, and only to those who bought the book. But for a limited time only, you can all read it. That's right. ALL OF YOU. Because I so believe in my boys, in their unconventional world and stories, and in their power to make you love them and relate to them too, whether male or female.

So. Here you go. A special page on my blog just to share a taste. I hope you enjoy it. Then go and vote for William and Christian!!



Feather Stone said...

William and Christian have been so much fun I almost wish this smackdown would go on forever. However, all good things end, sometime. The next best thing would be to buy your books. My ereader is on its way and the first thing I'm going to load are your books, Jen. And, yaaaaaaaaaaa to William and Christian. Next to Sam, they're totally awesome. Voted yesterday.

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