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Monday, September 9, 2013

SO Many Book Boyfriends - Delivering a Beat Down

I don't even know how to prepare you all for what's about to happen in the book bloggersphere this month. It's huge. It's epic. It's hard and sweaty and totally unpredictable -- So I have to ask you, what kind of a book boyfriend would you choose if given the personality of your liking? Because you're about to get the chance to decide just that, in a March madness style boxing ring, as nearly forty hot male book characters from the Omnific Publishing collection stand off, mano y mano, for the ultimate Book Boyfriend Smackdown. And what kinds of men are we talking about here?

-Enigmatic or smart assed
-Sweet and Swoony
-Alpha and Protective
-Brooding and Broken
-Dark and Dangerous

It's kind of going crazy over on the Omnific Publishing Facebook Group. You've got men jumping in and out of the practice ring--blonde golden boys, tall dark and handsomes and everything in between. Some are Tweet sparring, like my guys William Maddox and Christian Wright, and some are just laying down the verbal servitude, if you get my drift.

So these authors are all women. That doesn't mean their inner chest-beating prize fighters haven't been channeled, and we'll see whose mouthpiece is still firmly in place by the end of this thing. Just keep your eyes on THESE FOLKS, the awesome bloggers at ReadLoveLust, starting 9/30/13, because they've recruited tons of fellow book bloggers to sponsor a man, and the sparks. will. fly! Prizes will be won. Antes will be upped. This is gonna get real... ;)

Time to start placing wagers, folks. In the coming week, I'll be releasing a few surprises from my men (they paid me a visit just for this event). But for now, enjoy these pictorial messages from the Enigmatic, Smartassed Half-Vamp, William Maddox, and the Alpha Protective Brit, Christian Wright. They may not be bare chested and oiled up--yet--but they're in it to win it. Looks can be deceiving. ;)

Love and war cries,


Autumn said...

Big talk, Jen... big talk. We'll see who's standing at the end of this brawl (and who's laying down---that could be good or bad ;D)

Jen said...

Mmmmmhm, bring it, Autumn. Bring. It. AWN. They're not scared. In the words of William Maddox, "Anger doesn't equal strength. Anyone can act first, think after."

Strategy, baby. Strategy.

Nicki Elson said...

Bring it, sistah.

P.S. I can't believe how much fun this already is and the event doesn't even start for WEEKS!

Jen said...

Oh, it's BROUGHT. And it is so much fun!! *grabs your ands and squees* Er...I mean...GRRRR!

Jennifer Lane said...

I'm partial to the dark guys--sorry Christian!

Jen said...

Jen Lane, ditto! And that's really strange because as a young girl I was obsessed with the blond and blue-eyed guys. Something just changed in later years, I guess. Still swoon at a blond, but dark hair and light eyes gets me more...

Feather Stone said...

Yes, your boys are really nice, Jen. But, my MAN, Waterhouse, is fired up and looking to give your boys trouble. Yep, so stand back and get ready, sweetness! Feather LOL